Collection: Permanent Jewelry

Introducing Permanent Jewelry to our store! Read below for any questions, concerns and information on how to book appointments for you and your friends!

How do we contact you for an appointment?

  • Your best way to contact us would be to visit our Facebook(link is at the top of page) or call us at            231-578-2703!

Where are you located? 

  • 48 W Main St. #9, Fremont, MI 49412

What is it?

  • Permanent Jewelry is jewelry that you would not take off everyday. Instead of using a clasp to close your bracelet, Anklet or necklace, we will connect the ends together with a small ring that we put a light weld on to secure closed.

Can it be removed?

  • Yes! If you need to take off your permanent jewelry you can easily use a pair of wire snips! (If you do plan to get it re-welded, try to carefully cut the ring that connects the two ends and bring it in to us to weld it back together.)

Does Welding Permanent Jewelry hurt?

  • No, it is completely painless and safe and only takes a few seconds! The jewelry weld has no connection to your skin.

Will it affect diagnostic medical procedures?

  • Yes, if you are getting something done such as an MRI scan then you will need it to be removed. However we will weld it back together for you once for free. If you happen to accidently break your chain, no worries!  The fee to have your jewelry re-welded is $10.